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Additional Resources and Information

Following are links to sites that provide information on topics related to biomonitoring for environmental chemicals and chemical risk assessment.

International, national, or state biomonitoring programs

Related Publicationsarticle1

Hays, S.M., R. Becker, H.-W. Leung, L.L. Aylward, and D.W. Pyatt.  2007.  Biomonitoring equivalents: A screening approach for interpreting biomonitoring results from a public health risk perspective. Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology.  47(1):96-109. article2

LaKind, J.S., L. Barraj, N. Tran, and L.L. Aylward.  2008.  Environmental chemicals in people: Challenges in interpreting biomonitoring information.  J. Environ. Health. 70(9):61-64.  Reprinted with permission from Journal of Environmental Health, May 2008, a publication of the National Environmental Health Association. Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.

Chemical Risk Assessment

USEPA National Center for Environmental Assessment information on chemical risk assessment http://cfpub.epa.gov/ncea/cfm/nceariskassess.cfm?ActType=RiskAssess

If you know of additional websites that might be useful for us to link to, please send an email to shays@biomonitoringequivalents.net.

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